The networks and WhatsApp cry to Laura Luelmo and ask for a 2019 in which all the girls and women return home safe and sound

The year could not end worse. Yes, two weeks ago the Superior Court of Navarra confirmed the conviction for sexual abuse of La Manada and, last Friday, the judge filed the case for sexual harassment of the Huelva seasonal workers, yesterday we were overwhelmed the finding of the lifeless body by Laura Luelmo.

The 26-year-old teacher and illustrator I had been missing for five days. On Wednesday afternoon he had gone out to play sports and no longer heard from her again. According to research sources, the way and the place where the body was found point to a violent death. Among the suspects is one of its neighbors, for which Laura she felt watched. A man with background for murder, attempted rape and robbery from which there is no trace since the day the young woman disappeared.

Through a chain message on WhatsApp, it was quickly organized a spontaneous campaign to claim the freedom of women in the public space. The action consisted of change profile picture by a drawing of the Peruvian illustrators Emma and Lola in which they ask A 2019 in which every girl and woman who leaves their home comes back safe and sound.

The chance wanted that, precisely, the last tweet of Laura Luelmo It was also a feminist claim for International Women's Day with its own illustration.

8-M pic.twitter.com/zWypBTvUUR

- Laura (@L_Luelmo) March 8, 2018

The revulsion against the event has also been noted in social networks. The hashtags #LauraLuelmo and #TodasSomosLaura are trending on Twitter. Journalists, influencers, celebrities and politicians have spoken on both this network and Instagram.

#Todassomoslaura #violenciamachista # hastaelcoño pic.twitter.com/m64M8sFkGT

- Paula Bonet (@paulaboneti) December 17, 2018

Laura Luelmo made RT of these words.
She hasn't died for running alone. They have killed her.
I can't be more disgusted by this situation. ENOUGH NOW. # TodossomosLaura #niunamenos pic.twitter.com/QiyTye6hCU

- Cristina Pedroche (@CristiPedroche) December 17, 2018

#TodasSomosLaura because we all share pain and dismay. The whole society must make efforts to end the violence. Women have the right to walk alone wherever they want. Hugs for your close people and for all who feel their loss.

- Manuela Carmena (@ManuelaCarmena) December 17, 2018

We should never go for a run by tightening the keys when returning home. # TodossomosLaura //t.co/eRFnL8ni5W

- The blonde neighbor (@lavecinarubia) December 17, 2018

Run without fear and not run for fear. #LauraLuelmo
I think, as a mother, in the last hug Laura gave her own before leaving for Huelva, excited by a new job. It is unbearable. pic.twitter.com/NPdlRu9I4R

- Julia Otero (@julia_otero) December 17, 2018

Broken heartā€¦
Enough already ...
Dep #lauraluelmo #bastaya #NiUnaMas //t.co/GXdlpjnxPi

- Vanesa Romero (@vanesa_romero) December 17, 2018

The worst hypothesis has been confirmed: missing teacher Laura Luelmo has been murdered. A big hug to your loved ones.
We demand to know the truth and that justice be done. We demand a world where to run, dance, walk, love ... and live without fear #TodasSomosLaura pic.twitter.com/tdascEdJoG

- Ada Colau (@AdaColau) December 17, 2018

Terrible news of the murder of Laura Luelmo. Terrible that barbarities like this continue happening while many insist on looking the other way. All my affection for family and friends. #Not one less

- Pablo Iglesias (@Pablo_Iglesias_) December 17, 2018

Photo: Twitter Paula Bonet.

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