Eight fantastic smokes for this fall (and an example of what not to do)

Already immersed in the fall our way of putting on makeup changes at the same pace as the seasons. With the goodbye to the summer the most intense makeups arrive as is the case of smoke eyes, the great winners of the autumn that a year come ready to raze.

So that your look is also prepared for the change of season we bring you eight smoky eyes that we have seen recently and that we have already signed (and the occasional recommendation not to fail this season).

Dakota Johnson

A brown tofe It is Dakota's bet to further highlight her blue eyes, the smoked is applied more intensely in the outer corner in both the upper and lower eyelids.

Josephine Skriver

Another of the smoked ones that work best are those of night blue and purple tones, is a great way out of the classic black without giving up the depth that is achieved with dark shadows. The model Josehphine Skriver leaves all the prominence to her green eyes with this smoked so rocker.


That's how perfect Zendaya managed to be with this smoked in purple and eggplant tones in combination with her dress, a smoke eyes Very intense deep and at the same time very sophisticated.

Adriana Lima

In the same line in this to combine makeup with dress has been Adriana Lima; its smoked in iridescent green tones they blend with black shadows applied on the outside to make your look even more torn.

Lucy Hale

Smokers can also be very daring as is the case of Lucy Hale who opted for a very intense green shadow and applied around the entire eye. With this makeup he achieved a result that was not boring and at the same time focused attention on his eyes.

Kendall Jenner

Highlight the look with brown tones It is always a safe bet, Kendall chooses a brown leftover that applies only to the lower eyelid thus creating a more penetrating smoky and creating a contrast in the look. This technique is perfect for those who want to hide the dark circles.

Candice Swanepoel

The ocher and terracotta shadows They are great for intensifying clear looks. So impressive is the Candice Swanepoel model with this smoked in ocher and brown tones applied ascendingly.

Penelope Cruz

He smoked in black tones It is Penelope's most mythical make-up, to make your eyes look more smoke eyes in dark shades like black and gray shadows it's all a must have with which the actress feels very comfortable.

Tyra Banks, a bad example of smoking

Here you have a smoke that makes some of the most common mistakes. The model has recently worn this smoked so intense that it is far from being a good example, the shadows they are not well integrated, we appreciate the cuts and the shadow used to illuminate under the eyebrow in a white tone is not the most appropriate since it looks very artificial.

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