Yoga on exam: we speak with an expert to break down false myths

There are many questions and false myths surrounding yoga, an exercise of the most complete that can bring us many benefits. Thus, we have talked with Mercedes de la Rosa, a yoga teacher, as well as the Free Yoga by Oysho that was held in June in Madrid and in October will do so in Barcelona, ​​so that we can resolve all doubts and, once and for all, include this discipline in our routines .

The benefits of yoga when it comes to keeping fit

The first question that arose, without hesitation, was that of What benefits does yoga bring us. Many of us have opted many times for this discipline, however, we do not always know all the good that such a discipline can bring us.

Thus, Mercedes tells us that the benefits of yoga are endless to keep us fit and feel good, where we stand out as the most immediate posture improvement, toning and stretching of the muscles of the body, the breath awareness, endorphin segregation, and allowing the present to live, which allows us to feel better physically and emotionally.

Most common mistakes in yoga practice

Yoga is a very technical discipline so, even unconsciously, we make mistakes, or more than mistakes, as Mercedes says, what happens many times is that people who start practicing yoga it is taken as a "competition", and he wants to make the most difficult, colorful and acrobatic positions in a short time. And it is in this process that they are often injured. The practice of yoga is a process in which everything comes. Precisely, this is one of the most important lessons. Without hurry and with constant practice, all the benefits and advances are quickly felt.

Yoga as an ally in body toning and as an improvement in our health

As we well know, and this is what our main yogi tells us, There are many types of yoga, from less to more dynamic. Those who are in this last group, such as vinyasa or active yoga, which is the one practiced in Free Yoga by Oysho that, in addition, tone and lengthen the muscles, so that they indirectly "sculpt" the body.

With regular practice, arms, abdomen, buttocks and legs are stylized and toned. In addition, they strengthen and sculpt shoulders and back. The practice puts prana (vital energy) in motion, which helps improve digestion, eradicate constipation, fluid retention, also improves blood circulation that It favors the functioning of the main endocrine glands such as the thyroid or pancreas. In the 13 years she has been teaching, He has seen incredible changes both physical and health.

False Yoga Myths

The main one is undoubtedly the false myth that pointed out that "yoga is not a physical practice". As we have already mentioned, there are many types of yoga, and those that are dynamic are able to get in very good shape. In fact, she has seen many sports people enter a yoga class for the first time and on leaving say that “I have sweated a lot, but this is very strong!”. That has happened to us all.

Another false myth is that "yoga does not help you lose weight". It is true that yoga is not a “cardio” practice such as running or spinning, but it does generate an internal heat that helps burn calories (in a class of 75 minutes about 500 calories are burned). In addition, the practice of yoga, greatly decreases anxiety levels which are, very frequently, those that drive us to eat compulsively and without awareness. Yoga apart from get physically fit, It teaches us to listen to each other to understand what makes us feel good in all aspects, including our diet.

And, of course, I could not miss that false myth that "you have to be flexible to do yoga". Unless you are a dancer or gymnast, it is normal that you are not flexible. It is true that there are naturally more flexible bodies than others but, in general, it is not the most frequent. When you start practicing yoga, like other sports or disciplines, the muscles complain because they have surely been "asleep" for a long time. But Flexibility is neither a requirement nor the goal of yoga. It's something that happens with time and practice, and you don't have to hurry because everything comes…. Yes, even touch the ground with your hands!

How many days a week it is advisable to perform yoga and with what other exercises it is good to combine it

Obviously, it's like everything else, the more you practice, the faster the benefits are noticed. Mercedes de la Rosa recommends starting at least twice a week. And, if we want, combine it with some cardio sport (run, bike, swim) if you already practice them regularly. One of the things we will feel is how you get less tired practicing those other sports, and we have less stiffness and increasing our breathing and recovery capacity.

3 tips with which to start in yoga

Here, our expert is clear about it and so we transcribe it:

  • Let him do it with a good teacher. It seems that there is "boom" of yoga and as it happens whenever there is such a phenomenon, there are people who have been for many years and know what they do and others who, after a 2 month course, start teaching. Yoga is something very serious and it is necessary to start from the hand of someone professional. Nor would I advise to start through a video. It is good for the teacher to see the student adjust, direct and accompany him.
  • Do not go with any prejudice or objective and give yourself some time (minimum two months) to feel what benefits the practice is providing. Yoga is a way, and it is on that journey that we begin to realize many things about us and everything around us, we open ourselves up to infinite possibilities.
  • And finally, it is essential wear comfortable clothes, since you must be able to move freely. I always wear clothes from the Oysho gymwear collection. They have a line of yoga that I love, and I feel very comfortable with either a jumpsuit or leggings combined with top and shirt.

    About Free Yoga by Oysho

And finally we will talk a little about Free Yoga by Oysho whose next appointment will be in Barcelona in the month of October and that is the largest congregation of yogis in Spain. It is an active yoga masterclass in which you can participate for free after enrollment.

Free Yoga by Oysho was born with the aim of promote the practice of this sport among all types of audiences, and in this edition especially, encourage women after Sunday's masterclass to continue strengthening internal and external resistance.

For example, that of the month of June that was held in the Paseo del Prado in Madrid and was taught by Professor Mercedes de La Rosa, whose full session uploaded us to YouTube and was a resounding success, as well as in all cities in which it has been celled, from Cairo, Shanghai, Istanbul, St. Petersburg, Rome, Bangkok, Barcelona or Dubai.

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