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Pryanka Chopra shows us the long polka dot pants that will become your favorite during the summer months

Moles have become one of the trends of the season, are in all, but in some with much more strength than in others. We can find them in hundreds of dresses and short skirts, also in dresses and in a jacket, but what we don't see are too many long pants. The reasons are simple: when there are so many meters of fabric, moles can get tired and long pants are not very typical in summer. Although we must not forget that in the heat there are also many celebrations and events and always a pair of pants can come in handy and if not, tell them to Priyanka Chopra who has looked beautiful to celebrate her 36th birthday.

The actress has chosen these chiffon pants In beige with a large black mole, this fabric is very cool for summer, so they become perfect. He has combined it with a black blouse and long sleeve and leather sandals with a wide strip in the front area. We miss a clutch something more special for the night, but she prefers the comfort of a big backpack, also black, something we do not understand much. If you want to make a more summery style you simply have to choose a lighter color and a blouse with less fabric.

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