Lait de Soie de Kérastase, my new ally for a lasting hairstyle (and against frizz)

In these days when the rains seem to have come to stay, hair frizz brings me crazy, like many of you. I have fine, straight, dyed hair (therefore pulling dry at the tips), but still a barbarity curls me so the solution you have offered me Lait de Soie de Kérastase, the latest addition to the Aura Botany line, has been a great help in getting a more lasting hairstyle and providing hydration. I tell you my experience with him.

I will begin by commenting for those who do not know, that the Aura Botany line is the newest of all that Kérastase has, which also bets on naturalness, since it has a 98% natural ingredients, among which we can find the Samoa coconut oil or the argan oil of Morocco and all this without sulfates, without silicones and without parabens.

The fact is that they have recently expanded the range to a new shampoo, the Bain Micellaire Richie for dry and weakened hair, a texturizing water (it must be mine yes or yes) which they have called Eau de Vagues, a curly hair styling cream called Crème de Boueles, and the Lait de Solei, a styling milk that is what I have tried.

This Styling milk or disciplining milk Contains the main organic active ingredients are Moroccan argan oil and Samoan coconut oil, as well as Mexican Aloe Vera extract. Its properties are in line with protect during styling, facilitate detangling, anti-frizz effect, thermoprotective and all with a soft and light finish.


My experience.

I will tell you first that In my hair routine there are always Kérastase products. It is true that I have promptly tried some product from another brand, but for years I have opted for this brand and I am delighted, my hair is another completely different from what I had long ago.

I will tell you that my hair is super ungrateful And not all products are going well for me. As I commented is very fine, smooth but with a lot of frizz, without much life, roots that pull fat and with dry tips for the theme of dyes.

I have not used the Aura Botany line because my hairdresser has not recommended it to me (I use the density and anti-breakage), so When this product came into my hands, I had my doubts. Also, some time ago I bought another hair cream from Kerástase and it didn't quite convince me.

However, I must admit that I was surprised at several levels. On the one hand I apply it with wet hair from medium to tip, since after combing it is already distributed throughout the hair saturating less the upper area since it gives me too much weight to the hair. Then I proceed to dry and, normally, I finish with a touch of iron to make it more polished, provide more shine and I stay more disciplined (my hair has a life of its own ...).

To start, I will tell you that my hair does not get dirty, quite the opposite, it even holds me clean longer. In my case I wash it one day yes and one no, but the normal thing is that the day I do not wash it I tie it in a ponytail, bun or similar, because I already get some fat, but since I use it until I can go two days with loose and clean hair (which is an achievement, I assure you).

In addition, as I mentioned in the first lines, in these rainy days in which the frizz makes appearance and more it seems that I have put my fingers in a plug, it has kept me totally at bay, being able to go with him loose and without making an appearance, which is another great achievement.

Moreover, the fact that it is thermoprotective is one thing that is appreciated, since I don't have to use another product for older people. We usually forget to use the heat protectors and that we are all day attached to a dryer, irons, tongs ... that spoil the hair a lot, so you have to always use products that protect, and if they also serve for more things, best.

Likewise, the hairstyle becomes easier and faster. I do not usually make many waves or anything like that because, as you can imagine with what I have told you, my hair does not hold them, they last very little, however, in the case of straight hair, I have noticed that I find it less difficult to leave it well polished as I like it. So in that sense I am happy too, and I have noticed that progressively I have it more hydrated, soft and shiny, but in a natural way, as if without masking (what is achieved with more natural products, obviously), as do products loaded with silicones and parabens.

In short, I think it's a great product and highly recommended. Now, I admit, I have come up with the bug of trying the complete line (much in spite of my hairdresser), so I don't rule out getting her. The price of this product is about € 22 and it seems to spread a lot since I have more than enough with a midi mane.

Have you tried the Aura Botany line?

The product was provided for testing by Kérastase. You can check our company relations policy for more information

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Soie Kérastase Lait Botanical Aura Hairstyle Milk

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