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Can the image of Queen Letizia recover after the controversial video?

Although so far opinions about Mrs. Letizia there was something for everyone, the controversial video that came to light yesterday with a possible clash between Letizia and Sofia, could mean irreparable damage to your public image. In addition to a majority opinion on social networks against him (you just have to read the hashtag #LetiziaVsSofia), voices have also been raised criticizing it within royalty, such as Marie Chantal's. Can the Queen overcome a damaged public image?

Until now, we only knew that Doña Letizia had stumbled upon the press in Mallorca and with Jaime Peñafiel at the beginning of his relationship with the then Prince of Asturias. The journalist showed a complicated and difficult character, and defined her as a controlling woman and talked a lot.

These chronicles have been forgotten and the image of Doña Letizia has sometimes been positive for her good stylistic taste, even praised in international media such as Vogue, Elle or Glamor, but has also been criticized on occasion for her numerous aesthetic touches.

However, the video that came to light yesterday, has been a blow for her and the perfect image she always wants to give.

The impact of the video

The video has generated such a stir that many people wanted to comment on it, including royalty. Marie Chantal, Queen Sofia's niece, and married to Pablo from Greece,, has opined on Twitter that Letizia has shown her true face and that no grandmother deserves that treatment.

No grandmother deserves that type of treatment! Wow she's shown her true colors

- Marie-Chantal (@MarieChantalUK) April 3, 2018

Another character of the nobility who wanted to record his opinion is Vega Royo-Villanova, which has clearly positioned itself via Instagram.

The news has also had international impact and media such as The Times or The Daily Mirror comment on the tense situation experienced at Easter Mass last Sunday.

For now there is no official statement nor does it seem that there will be, but Mrs. Letizia's friend Inma Aguilar has talked about how Letizia feels: "she is worried and quite desolate." Inma is perhaps acting as a spokesperson in the shadow since Letizia cannot explain what really happened.

What social networks say

The majority opinion in social networks It is against Queen Letizia, and many recriminate the gesture.

I find the gesture made by Queen Letizia to the Queen emeritus Ms. Philosophy very ugly and inelegant. And what Princess Leonor does is not the gesture of a granddaughter who loves her grandmother, of course. It seems embarrassing! //t.co/VsfhjuAEuI

- Conchi Chapela Val Miñor (@conchi_val) April 3, 2018

Who "napkin comes to tablecloth" God free you from him. Letizia, a climber with little class and very bad temper.

- NOELIA (@NoeMartri) April 3, 2018

There are even those who nickname Letizia #reinapalo, a hashtag that unites detractors of the Queen and yesterday collected conversations ensuring that everything suspected so far, was latent. The video shows a scene that contrasts completely with the scenes "homemade", but canned and controlled, with the palace chamber that the kings showed on the anniversary of King Philip VI.

I remind you that in this account we already hated #reinapalo before it was a trend.

- Cotilla Review (@RepasoCotilla) April 3, 2018

How to recover a good public image

We have talked to Luis Manzano, founding partner of the brand specialist company Soulman Insightful Thinking on how can you manage an image crisis of this caliber.

"This behavior of Doña Letizia very negatively affects the image of the Royal family and therefore of the monarchy as an institution. It is clear that this obstinacy to maintain the position and prevent the photograph of Doña Sofía with her granddaughters is not accidental. produces a very tense situation that does not go unnoticed. The image of Doña Letizia is damaged, but that is not the most important thing. The important thing is that it drags that of the Royal Family. "

"The consequences can be loss of popular support from the indifferent towards the institution, and damage to the image of the Spanish monarchy outside our borders. The image of Doña Letizia, already very questioned, is harmed even more."

Regarding how to recover a damaged image, Luis Manzano gives us the keys to how the Royal House should act, and specifically, Queen Letizia to get the love and respect of society.

"I would suggest not making a statement, because it would increase the noise level. But I would suggest a personal branding plan focused especially on her. Her Majesty Don Felipe has had an impeccable behavior at all times since before going to the throne. Today the Royal Family What matters most is Don Felipe, Doña Letizia and the infantas.He must work simplicity, sincere smile, and solidarity work.It is convenient that this “New Royal Family” is moving away from the past, that we do not forget, is linked to cases that it should be forgotten. But if you have to allow photographs of Doña Sofía with her granddaughters, it is done and that's it. You don't just have to be professional. You have to fall well and work on humanity and empathy. "

Although over time the stir will pass, in the retina we will always have this video in which it is seen that relations in the royal family are not idyllic. But in what family are they?

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