Anyone could be reading your WhatsApp messages (and it is Siri's fault and an iOS 11 system error)

Let's face it: all of us carry a small journalist from the heart and sometimes we would give a foot (how exaggerated!) Or a hand (ahem, it's not that bad) for to be able to gossip WhatsApps of those around us. But we know it's wrong. Very bad.

Another very different thing, is that being able to read the messages of others is really easy because of a security flaw in one of our favorite applications.

The specialized magazine Mac Magazine has been responsible for detecting this failure: an error that can compromise the privacy of the messages of our WhatsApp. Be careful, because if you have a device with an integrated iOS 11 operating system, an iPhone, iPad or any other device that uses this operating system, a bug allows Siri to read the content of the notifications you receive when the mobile is locked. Why are you doing this to us, Siri, with what we admire you?

The temptation is there. Due to this fault, anyone who has access to your mobile phone can access Siri and ask him to read aloud the messages you receive What a trick!

Although in the latest beta version of iOS 11.3 this error still occurs, there is a way to avoid Siri read your WhatsApp messages aloud and prevent any cracking invade your privacy. You just have to access the application settings, in the Notifications section and click on the "show previews" option and change the default option ("if unlocked") to "never". In this way and until the problem is resolved in future updates, nobody can gossip your messages.

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