Gwyneth Paltrow never tires of recommending absurd things to give for Valentine's Day

I recognize that I have a love-hate relationship with Gwyneth Paltrow, on the one hand I am fascinated and I admire his discipline strictly to continue so great past forty. On the other hand, my innate ability to say all kinds of bullshit without getting red, especially to get suggest in each party the top ten of more absurd things to give.

And this Valentine, Gwyneth has not cut a hair in recommending a list of gifts as surreal as the level that we are accustomed. And so as not to disappoint her, we continue taking it with the same pitorreo. Behold a selection of our favorites.

1.- An Elvie device for pelvic exercises

Kegel's famous exercises already they have an ally so that they strengthen the pelvic muscles Be easier and almost like a game. These exercises are especially recommended to improve urinary incontinence, facilitate childbirth and improve sexual response. From 199 euros. All very wonderful, but we don't think it's a romantic gift.

2.- Some dust (soluble) to improve your sex life

They can be found in your store and are your special recommendation for Energy is another guest in your bedroom. It can be taken with milk or water ... very hot.

3.- A Prada flashlight

It is much more exciting to play hide and seek with your partner with a flashlight signed by an exclusive brand and worth more than two hundred euros than with a simple flashlight, which can be purchased at any hardware store.

4.- Pine pollen

Was the pollen we needed to see. And according to experts (we assume that pollen) is the one that best boosts testosterone. And according to Goop, those who also manage to increase your sexual energy and your metabolism.

5.- A bag of stones blessed by a shaman

This product is really exclusive to Goop. And it is not easy to find today a shaman by hand that provides us with this type of services. According to the instructions on the web they provide (of course, of course, Gwyneth) protection, inner strength, spirituality, strength and a lot of other things.

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