The 20 years of Teresa Helbig signature are celebrated with three new perfumes

Teresa Helbig She is one of the Spanish designers with the most reputation in our country, and it should not surprise us: dream models for all occasions. Coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the brand, enters the world of perfumery with three unisex fragrances that will leave everyone with their mouths out. And all this in collaboration with Sara Carner, founder of Carner Barcelona.

As we have already mentioned, this new collection consists of three perfumes that convey the elegant and transgressive charisma of Teresa Helbig. Developed by renowned perfumers, they have been made with the best ingredients and manufactured by artisans.


Under the designer's own name, Teresa is a unisex fragrance that comes from the Aromatic olfactory family. It is elegant and bohemian, flirtatious and provocative.

  • Release Notes Neroli, bergamot and yellow tangerine.
  • Heart. Ylang-ylang, musk ambreta, pepper and red berries.
  • Background notes Benzoin, Christmas fir, oak moss and tobacco.

A bulldog in the atelier

  • Release Notes Chamomile, coriander and pepper.
  • Heart. African geranium, nutmeg and vetiver from Haiti.
  • Background notes Vanilla, Australian sandalwood, Indonesian patchouli leaves and musk.

Tangier Memories

  • Release Notes Bergamot and black pepper and pink pepper.
  • Heart. Raspberry, blueberry, rose and benzoin.
  • Background notes Leather, tonka bean and musk.

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