Haute couture

The dreary black takes Dior and his haute couture to one of the most boring parades since Maria Grazia's arrival at the French house

The expectation of the parade of Haute Couture Dior It is always high, especially when the staging is almost as important as the collections themselves. The number 30 Avenue Montaigne It has become the place chosen by the French house to present the Haute Couture collection for the next Fall-Winter 2019, but today it was darker than ever. The walls were black and the roots of the fictional trees that accompanied the central staircase were distributed throughout the room.

At first glance it was much less striking than on other occasions, but as we have said on other occasions, the important thing is the garments.

Black has been practically the only protagonist of the proposal of Maria Grazia Chiuri, a color highly chosen by the public that hides more than teaches. The great work that these pieces have does not look as much and the continuity of the same tone in almost all the garments has caused boredom in some moments.

We see the same silhouettes as always, with few news, something that is usual in the Dior house. But we cannot forget that the colors, prints and details have managed to raise the collection even more, such as the last cruise collection held in Marrakech.

Are clothes modern? This was the message we could read in the first outing, a total white look that was characterized by its sobriety. From here we can not stop admiring the great work with leather and feathers. Tulle dresses become protagonists again, although they are not the ones that shine the most, this time we are left with the embossing on gradients of red and beige.

Although if we have to keep something, we would sadly choose the jewels that on this occasion have shone more than ever with gold-plated beetles and wild pearls. Having the black background have taken all the leading role.