A low cost collection that has conquered me: this is 'Ocean Secrets' by Belle & Make Up

The ocean is a barely explored universe that looks like a mirror of the earth and, just as the surface picks up the colors of the sky, the interior blurs the known by offering a mystery halfway between appetite and fear. Belle & MAKE-UP enters the ocean in a collection inspired by a light that is not on the surface.

Three nail lacquers, two lipsticks, a blush, a pencil & eyeshadow and a long-lasting automatic eyeliner materialize the oceanic inspiration and give life to hyper-feminine looks of soft, natural, juicy skin. We say goodbye to the matte finishes and welcome the flake effects.

Irised Blush

The color in the cheeks is fundamental in any look that is worth, more if it is the only element destined to the skin of a collection. On this occasion the brand has been inspired by coral reefs in search of a very deep pink scales fish with an iris effect.

The effect on the skin is refreshing, encouraging clear skin and giving tanned juiciness. thanks to its flattering pink hue with illuminating micro-pigments that provide color and light to the cheekbones immediately, enhancing them naturally. It is available in a shade (Coral Rose), at a price of 4.50 euros.

Shadow & Eyeliner Duo Pencil

This handy multi-purpose pencil serves as a shadow all over the eyelid and
eyeliner flush with lashes, and even to give color to the water line.
It has an ultra-creamy texture in an intense and vibrant blue tone that It is transformed by the effect of light giving shades of light blue or navy.

Its metallic pigments and a balanced mixture of oils and waxes achieve a bright and luminous finish bringing freshness to the look.
It is enriched with candelilla wax, vegetable oils and vitamin E that provide hydration and favor a comfortable finish throughout the day. Its price is 4.50 euros.

Automatic eyeliner

This pencil might look like a boring gray that has nothing to contribute, but it has some flashes They make it very special. It has a velvety texture in anthracite gray, easy to apply and blur, which promises long lasting and anti-blur results so that the delineate remains impeccable throughout the day.

Includes pencil sharpener and its price is 3.90 euros.

Summer Pearls Lipstick

These liquid lipsticks have a high content of pigments and an advanced formulation that favors the color to adhere to the lips for a result of volume, uniform and flexible effect of Long lasting for more than 8 hours.

They are formulated with rosemary extract and sunflower oil that provide an antioxidant and moisturizing action guaranteeing maximum comfort and keeping the delicate skin of the lips nourished and soft. Its price is 4.95 euros.

# 10free nail polish

This collection is completed with three nail lacquers with a new high-gloss and long-lasting vegan formula It provides the same color as a non-vegan formula. An exclusive formula with a patented technology Gloss Seal'R It gives an instant glow that lasts over time.

This vegan and animal friendly formula is # 10free which implies that its formulation is free of these ingredients: Triphenylphosphate, Formaldehyde, Camphor, Formaldehyde releaser, DPHP, Toluene, Glycol ether of series E, DBP, Perfume ingredients, Parabens.

In addition to improving the formula to take care of the nails, they have also changed the brush: Now it is flat and rounded at the tip, to make it more precise and make the application much easier avoiding defects. Its price is 1.99 euros.

Did you know this collection? What product would you stay with?