This summer you will want to make up on the beach with these 34 waterproof proposals that withstand everything

With the arrival of summer our bag needs to change yes or yes. Lighter bases, sun protection, vibrant colors. And of course, if your destiny is the beach or the pool can not miss makeup waterproof. Do you want to keep your look beauty even under the sea? These waterproof products would be the favorites of any mermaid.

Eyelash masks to show off waterproof look

Eyelash masks are one of the options waterproof more present in the market. Why the desire to show off tabs is not removed even at 40 degrees in the sand. How to choose between so many options? There are proposals for all pockets, but also brushes. If you want volume and thickness, opt for the thickest brushes. And if what you want is to define your infinite eyelashes, then the comb-shaped or silicone brushes will be your allies.

  • Too Faced Better than sex mascara, 26.95 euros.
  • Lights, Camera, Splashes de Tarte mascara, 24.95 euros.
  • Worth the Hype mask from NYX Cosmetics, 9.90 euros.
  • Mascara waterproof from Kiko Cosmetics, 7.20 euros.
  • Terrybly mask by By Terry, 37.50 euros.
  • Hypnôse Drama water resistant mask from Lancôme, 34.50 euros.
  • Mascara waterproof by Nilens Jord, 26.18 euros.
  • Clinique High Impact Mask, 25 euros.
  • Aqua Lash mask from Ps… Beauty Primark, 3 euros.
  • Babor volumizing waterproof eyes mask, 26.95 euros.
  • Teeez water resistant mask, 23.05 euros.

Feline look up underwater with these waterproof eyeliners

The next step to the tabs is the eyeliner, to frame the look and boast cat-eye in the pool. These pencil or pen eyeliners will take care of your look so that you can splash in the water without worrying about the panda effect.

  • Eyeliner NYX Cosmetics Epic Ink Liner, 9.90 euros.
  • Benefit waterproof eye pencil, 22.95 euros.
  • Eyeliner black liquid by By Terry, 30 euros.
  • Colored pencils waterproof from Clarins, 20 euros.
  • Marker pen waterproof from Etnia Cosmetics, 12.50 euros.
  • Eyeliner Roll'Ink La Petite Robe Noire de Guerlain, 32 euros.
  • Liquid eyeliner by Nilens Jord, 13.29 euros.

The eyebrows are the protagonists and they will resist everything

The great obsession beauty of 2019 are our eyebrows. We want them stuffed, thick, well bushy and fixed. Any eyebrow addict knows what a lot that changes the face just by combing them upwards. Our vacations will be no exception with these fixers, dyes and eyeliners waterproof in which Benefit Cosmetics has taken a run.

  • Dior waterproof eyebrow dye, 26.95 euros.
  • Brow pencil 4 in 1 with eyeliner, highlighter and filler Brow Contour Pro Benefit, 35.55 euros.
  • Benefit sublighter gel with 3D browtones brow brows, 29.95 euros.
  • Cream gel with color for Benefit Ka-Brow eyebrows, 28.95 euros.

A face without imperfections even in the pool

If you resist marking yourself a look Face washed this summer, there are options that can help you. Why our face rises at the blow of bases, bronzers, correctors waterproof, even being on the beach. Of course, if we get to the sun you will need to apply sun cream first and expect that if your tone rises, so will your makeup.

  • Base The 3in1 Foundation with SPF15 of 3INA Cosmetics, 19.95 euros.
  • Corrector Creaseless of Tarte Cosmetics, 26.95 euros.
  • Matte bronzing powders waterproof from Tarte Cosmetics, 30.95 euros.
  • Mattifying and fixing powders from Urban Decay, 36.55 euros.
  • Camouflage cream with maximum port coverage, 10.65 euros.

Lips that do not go unnoticed to the test of kisses, drinks and summer

There is nothing that combines better with the intense blue of the water than good pink or red lips in contrast. Summer, flashy and make it clear that you are a diva on the beach or in the pool. These proposals will help you achieve it with very warm and appetizing tones. You put the attitude!

  • Pack of 4 lipsticks that change color of Camaleon Cosmetics, 29.90 euros.
  • Waterproof lip liner pencil with Lancôme brush, 26.50 euros.
  • Super Stay Matte Ink lipsticks from Maybelline New York, 9.99 euros.
  • Teeez's kiss-proof lipsticks, 21.28 euros.

Waterproof eye shadows that you won't lose at sea

For to be a mermaid you really need to add to your look good touches of color jewel. Shades in emerald green, blue, fuchsia, gold or pink. Here you have several options in cream format. Or, if you prefer to save, this NYX Cosmetics prebase will make any of your shadows an option waterproof.

  • First of eyes waterproof to set your shadows of NYX Cosmetics, 7.90 euros.
  • Cream eyeshadow from 3INA Cosmetics, 12.95 euros.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills cream eyeshadow, 23.55 euros.