Five gadgets that will help you in your yoga and meditation exercises or how to reach the Zen state thanks to technology

To do yoga or pilates you don't need too much material. Maybe a mat, comfortable clothes and a nice space. Like to do meditation, you need even less, but there are several gadgets technology that can make your yoga and meditation sessions easier, which can help you control your breaths, avoid possible distractions or simply help you reach a Zen state in a simpler way. We have compiled for you five technological accessories that will help your yoga and meditation sessions. ¡¡Namaste!


Muse, is a diadem that records brain activity in real time during one of your meditation sessions. The objective? Be more aware of when you are focused or not or the level of focus during the session. It is able to record five different types of brain waves that range from those associated with sleep to those that occur with intense thoughts. Thus, you can monitor your progress and analyze the level of concentration during the session, and work like this accordingly.

But not only that, but you can perceive it through sound in real time. It connects to your headphones and translates brain waves into sounds of greater or lesser intensity so that you can rectify in the moment and focus more easily. On Amazon it is available for € 182.71.

Smart speakers

In case you do not know the full potential that smart speakers have for you, we will tell you one of our favorites. Thanks to skills that we can incorporate, Our smart speaker can guide us during meditation sessions, to help us focus more easily. For example, the skill Alexa bamboo has content for you to practice mindfulness, meditation or just relax with its ambient sounds.

Any of the Amazon models have the possibility to install these skills That facilitate your meditation sessions. Our favorite, the Echo Spot with a screen that you can buy for € 109.99, but you have them cheaper and with which you can also meditate, such as the Echo Dot for € 39.99

Spire stone

This little "stone" it snaps on any garment, and the part that is sticking to your skin measures your breaths. In this way, and with the help of the app associated with gadget, you can see your breaths and work with them in your meditation sessions, yoga or even in moments of anxiety.

In two weeks, according to its creators, you learn the technique, in a month to breathe deeply using your diaphragm better and in three months to control your breathing. Further, when the device detects that the rhythm of breathing is disturbed, it alerts you so you can take a few minutes to reduce that level of stress. You can find it for $ 79.99 on Amazon Global and with international shipping.

Bose sleepbuds

These headphones Not only do they have noise cancellation, but they mask any outside sound with a series of ambient sounds, so in addition to avoiding listening to your partner's snoring, they help you to relax or meditate if you are one of the people who live with a lot of noise.

They are priced at € 234 and achieve a perfect isolation effect to help achieve the Zen state thanks to silence or relaxing music that prevents distractions from ambient soundsLike the telephone bell, the horn of a car on the street or even the murmur of a conversation.

Activity quantifying wristbands and smartwatchs

Smart bracelets or fitbands They are the perfect complement to measure your pulsations and control your breathing or make an analysis during the practice of the exercise. Fitbit for example has an app called Relax that detects stress peaks and guides your breaths to get your pulsations down. If you want something more concrete, with which you control much more both parameters (breathing and pulsations), it is best that you do with a smartwatch that has specific applications for the type of exercise you are looking for.

For example, the Apple Watch series 4, has an application with which you can get an electrocardiogram measure your heart, and have an application that warns you if your stress levels exceed normal, and will guide you to perform breaths that slow your heart rate.

If you have not yet started doing yoga or do not practice meditation, this may be a good time. With these gadgets and the help of technology will be even easier to get and analyze the results of two practices that help you connect with your inner self. Do we start