Celebrate World Hair Day boasting a punch: these 13 masks will take care of it

Today we celebrate World Hair Day and better do it with a bit of envy. That is not easy to achieve and, on many occasions, it does not come alone. Especially after the cold months, they take a toll on hair quality. To give a little push are these masks, 13 cream proposals to thoroughly pamper the hair and give it a look Very healthy and appetizing. You sign up?

  • Apivita nourishing and repairing hair mask, 19 euros.
  • Nourishing and repairing hair mask for vegetable oils from Freshly Cosmetics, 18 euros.
  • Lush Cosmetics R&B moisturizing treatment, 17.75 euros.
  • Moroccanoil restorative hair mask, 38.23 euros.

These masks are a whole boost of hydration and volume for our hair, which deserves extra care at least once a week. Especially today, which is your special day. In addition, there is nothing like a relaxing time for you, with a good book in your hand and a lot of repair cream working our hair thoroughly. The feeling of softness and cleanliness that remains when removed It is one of the greatest pleasures beauty that we know

  • Shea butter hair repair mask from The Body Shop, 15 euros.
  • Redken hair fortifying mask, 22.07 euros.
  • Intensive mask of Sensai, 58 euros.
  • Coconut and fig mask from Coco & Eve, 39.90 euros.

It is important to remember that masks should not be used as often as conditioners, nor are they substitutes for them. Therefore, the ideal is to develop a hair beauty routine and use once or twice a week, to give the hair nutrition more intense than it requires. Always of means to ends not to grease the roots in excess. Therefore, although the prices of the masks are higher, we must remember that they last much longer. It is hard for us to choose which one of all!

  • The Organic Republic mask and hair conditioner, 15.95 euros.
  • Philip B universal revitalizing hair mask, 54 euros.
  • Klorane mango repair mask, 24 euros.
  • Bumble and Bumble While You Sleep Night Repair Mask, 49.50 euros.
  • Amika nourishing mask, 28 euros.

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