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I don't have an appointment in conditions since 2003: what has happened to the world of dating?

May God not let life put you in the situation of having spent a few years away from dating world and I have to do the rentrée in full Tinder world. Because yes, Tinder (and similar websites / apps) what they have changed everything. Todito

The thrill of getting an appointment

Do you remember when to have a appointment it was a thing casual? You woke up one morning with the handsome man and, when you get to work, that shy and cute boy in the next cubicle proposed to take something Saturday night. It could happen three times in a month (lucky you!) or spend six months of dating drought.

Nowadays, have an appointment or not It depends exclusively on yourself. It's as simple as entering Tinder, give okay to three, four or twelve profiles and very badly you have to give the thing to not have something organized to that same night. I will not complain about this, but ... Have you not lost all a bit of emotion?

Is Tinder the McDonalds of dating?

I have a friend who says that the Tinder world it's like him fast food. Not bad, it covers a need from time to time and sometimes even fancy a bit. But it doesn't surprise or generate expectations, so you will never win a Michelin star.

At pre-Tinder worldexisted two kinds of appointments: the "normal" and the "blindly"Do you remember that blind dates seemed the worst of the worst? A friend would meet us with an acquaintance of her and they would enter us the seven evils: Will it be like in the photo that has taught me or much worse?, Will we find topic of conversation?, Will we really like each other or will I want to run away from minute one of the appointment?. I don't know when they stopped looking awful all those hypotheses, but those questions are the same that we face now daily with Tinder.

And the time for the appointment comes

He time of appointment itself also has crumb. A Username pro from Tinder it will not be more than a weekend without an appointment, so you will have lost the excitement of looking for a good restaurant, take the best of the closet and try to do your best. In fact, all of us who have had a appointment-Tinder do we ever know know that if there is a little bit of chemistry in the first five minutes ... mentally the appointment is terminated. We already have in mind the grill of following candidates and we may even take advantage that our current appointment goes to the bathroom to give a couple of likes to see if you can still get something clean from the weekend.

The best (and also the worst) of the quotes traditional it was not knowing very well what to expect. You asked someone for an appointment and you were never too sure if he had accepted for compromise, by try Or because he really liked you. With Tinder, already you have made the active option of staying, so, at least in the virtual preview, the other person already knows that did you like it. And that takes away a lot of the excitement of the unresolved sexual tension.

So ... have we improved or not?

In the end ... the preference for traditional dating or by dating-Tinder It depends on the character of each one. The technological They are more pragmatic, more direct and more simple?. The traditional ones are more ambiguous and more idealistic. Surely there is room for both of us in our lives, and everyone must decide in which finds its place.

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