Coinciding with the month of April the Weed Nails arrive

What one finds out! I have just read that since 1999 in more than 700 cities in 65 countries of the world, a worldwide march against the prohibition of marijuana. But nevertheless, April it is the month that everyone associates with the cannabis spring This is when this plant is harvested.

In honor of the so-called 4/20 - International Marijuana Day -, enthusiasts of nail art and weeds have created a manicure to which they have baptized with the name of Weed nails using green strands or threads of this plant that mix with gel polish giving life to some curious manicures that seen from afar remind a little of those amber drops made of fossilized vegetable resin.

Inside of amber sometimes we find remains of insects or plants. Well, the same happens with the Weed Nails. The really gulf detail is having mixed these nails with other pointed files, and having decorated the remaining ones with what look like pieces of dollars. An image loaded with intentionality that, surely, will not leave anyone indifferent.

The 4/20 expression, in addition to matching April which is the 4 month of the year, apparently it comes from the custom of the students to meet every day at four twenty in the afternoon to smoke weed. The 4/20 expression became a secret code easy to remember that students employed in front of parents and teachers.

In the United States, the use of marijuana is only legalized in four states (although others accept its medicinal use), so you are nail art artists They usually require their customers to show them that they have the card that authorizes them to consume. It is normal for the client to be the one who brings her own strands in a boat. This type of manicure costs about 65 dollars.

Would you dare to wear such a manicure provocative how claim or do you think it turns out excessive?

Video: 050219 National Advisory Committee NAC Spring Meeting Day 1 (December 2019).