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Advertising with influencers is finally expressly regulated through a Code of Conduct

The General Advertising Law It has always been applicable to sponsored posts that influencers made, and many have been transparent in their collaboration indicating the #ad label or with the option left by Instagram to indicate what content has a promotional character, however, there is still darkness in many of the collaborations with influencers. But new Code of Conduct developed between Advertisers and Self-control It will help to shed light on this sector.

Although marketing with influencers continues to grow, this type of advertising was not expressly regulated and often led to covert advertising. The credibility of the influencer It was at stake, but there are many brands that require that the content is not indicated as sponsored. Although if the content is clear and the level of engagement high, this does not usually reduce effectiveness.

In Spain, the Law of Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSI) collect that “advertising must be presented as such, so that it cannot be confused with other kinds of content, and the advertiser clearly identified”, Although still no influencer has been sanctioned for skipping the regulation. The fine could reach 30,000 euros.

To strengthen the transparency of influencers marketing, the Spanish Association of Advertisers (AEA), together with Autocontrol, has prepared a “Code of conduct on the use of Influencers in advertising" The document has already been submitted to the Secretary of State for Digital Advancement (SEAD), with the aim of providing solutions for the identification of advertising content.

This code establishes a set of rules that will link all your associates, as well as any other company in the sector (advertisers, agencies, representatives, media) and influencers who voluntarily adhere to it. So surely we still have doubts about whether the publication is sponsored or not in the influencers not adhered to the code, and more knowing that there are some create content as sponsored without really being to gain prestige.